Exclusive 40


Looking for exclusive and robust outlook with reasonable price and heavy duty quality?

Our Exclusive 40 exactly fits your needs. The 100% checked and guaranteed quality is without any compromise. As all our other tents Exclusive 40 is constructed from anodized aluminium profiles, having robust nylon connectors.


Endura –267g/m2, wc 850-900mm, spray test 4-5 (out of 5), B1 DIN4102
Suntex – 175g/m2, wc 350-450mm, spray test 4 (out of 5)

You can choose from our standard colors or prepare your own design using our templates
Standard colors: white, black, dark blue (P2955c), light blue (P2935C), red (P193C), green (P3425c), beige




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