Axion Furniture



AXION inflatable furniture works the same as the rest of the Axion products. Inflatable tubes are air sealed, no permanent fan is needed after inflation. You can choose furniture that suits exactly your needs and that fits to the rest of our products.

Solitaire Desk DS

is an excellent product for POP / POS campaigns. It comes with an easily transportable bag that is 120x46x12cm in size and weighs only 13kg.


Modular Desk DM

is an excellent product for POS campaigns where a larger desk area is needed. Easily transportable segments can be attached together by Velcro to create different shapes and sizes. According to the final composition, the transport bag can hold various sizes and weights, but generally should not exceed 120cm in length and 26kg in weight.


Pneu Seat PS

Standard set of solid table and chairs will not easily fit into a standard sized vehicle. If you are organizing a fair or small event and need even more seating, the Pneu Seat PS  can solve this problem easily.

Solitaire Table TS

would help you for POP campeigns, as well as for small catering events. When folded, it is only a disc of 80cm diameter and 12cm height, weight of the bag is 14kg. There is an easy principle – inflatable piston is stretching a fabric between two solid circles.



AXION Furniture datasheet